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19 Weeks pregnant - What to expect ?

You’re steadily marching towards the half-way mark of your pregnancy. You’ve already dealt with a lot of changes that pregnancy has brought into your life. Now, there are just a few weeks more and soon you’ll be rocking your baby in your arms.

Physical changes this week

At this stage, your circulatory system is working much harder than normal, pumping blood to every part of your body and through the umbilical cord, to your baby. This might cause you to feel a lack of stamina and make you breathless. That’s why you must have a diet rich in iron and vitamin c. 

Do not hold your urine when you get the urge to go. Empty your bladder fully and frequently. And remember to wipe from front to back afterwards. These precautions will help to keep a urinary tract infection at bay.

Your internal body temperature, at this time, is higher and this will make you sweat more than normal. So it’s best to wear clothes which are light and help your skin breathe.

Pregnancy hormones affect the smooth muscle fibres in the stomach and gut. This can cause you to feel a burning sensation after eating; specially spicy foods or foods that are heavy and difficult to digest. Cold milk can be soothing in such cases. Or you could ask your doctor if it is safe to have an antacid.

Your baby's changes this week

  • A special substance known as brown fat starts being produced.
  • Part of your baby's body is covered with a special greasy substance called vernix caseosa.
  • Your baby's kidneys are functioning well and producing urine.
  • Hair starts growing on your baby's body.

It is still early days for fat to be produced in your baby's body but brown fat starts being produced in this week. This protects the baby's vital organs from extreme temperature changes in the new born stage.

In case of premature delivery, the baby is born with the vernix over the body but it depletes if delivery takes place closer to full term.

The baby's kidneys can be seen in an ultrasound test in this week. The baby passes urine and a fair amount of the amniotic fluid consists of urine.

Your baby can be born with either a mop of hair on his head or might be completely bald. Do not worry, the amount of hair varies from baby to baby.

Fine hair on the back and arms are seen in babies born in the premature stage.

Your baby is sleeping most of the time but this is the time he or she is growing and conserving energy to be healthy and to grow to full maturity.


 Hints of the week

Each pregnant individual carries her pregnancy differently. In case a woman carries extra weight around her midriff, it may camouflage her pregnancy. Similarly, tight abdominal muscles can hide the enlarging uterus. 

Do not hesitate to express yourself if you are not feeling well. Specially in case of women who are prone to depression, this can be a stage which may make you feel low or unwell. Do not worry, take the help of your doctor.

In order to keep up the iron and vitamin c requirement of your body, it is important to eat sufficient leafy vegetables, cereals, red meat and fresh fruit.

The size and shape of your belly is a result of its original shape, the amount and distribution of fat, abdominal muscles’ strength, how many babies you have conceived, the presentation and position of the baby, etc. 


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